Ness Gardens

When you are passionate about something, you strive to leave a mark that people may remember you with. Arthur Kilpin Bulley knew this. He was a man with great passion for plants and especially the new interesting species. He was the initial founder of the Ness Gardens. This is one of the special places in Wirral that acts as an attraction and venue for special events. The gardens sit on a 64 acre piece of land that provides the best views of the Dee estuary.

Its birth

Arthur lived from 1861 to 1942. The desire to have his own gardens led to his purchase of the Ness land in 1898. The land was to be his home and the greater part of it was intended for gardens. He obtained the plants currently in the gardens by outsourcing from travelers who send back seeds. He adopted a trick of hosting bees so that the new species in the gardens could be shared to the rest of Wirral region and beyond. That is exactly what he did until his death. Then, his daughter found it necessary to keep the spirit of her father alive by selling it to university of Liverpool.

University management

Thanks to the university, they never let down Arthur. They continued nurturing the gardens and making more use of it. They stimulated the old gardens and developed more through the help of volunteers and the university staff. It was a worthy addition to the university as they started using it as a research resource for various plant related courses. Much more is expected of these beautiful gardens in the coming days.

An attraction

There is no doubt that Ness Gardens have become a monument in Wirral. They present something good for people to enjoy. Whether big or small, the gardens are a lovely place to be in. it plays hosts to visitors coming to enjoy a wide range of activities in the gardens including crafts, star gazing and trails. It’s also considered a special place to hold events such as weddings and parties. The botanic gardens are also home to a wide range of wildlife including mammals, bees, butterflies, birds’ species, insects and many others. The gardens are amazingly beautiful all year round.


Your tour to the Ness Gardens is convenient. That is because of the many facilities meant to make it hassle free. These include conference facilities, parking and easy transport, accessibility, provider features, on site restaurant and catering, event venue among many other pluses.

All are welcome

It is in such special places that people want to be in. if you are ever on holiday, want to be somewhere special or within Wirral, complete your tour by stopping by the Ness Gardens. Many never regret after they land at the gardens.

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