Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Birkenhead

It’s a museum within the focal point of Birkenhead, Wirral. It is considered the core when it comes to Wirral museum and gallery services. That’s partly because it offers more space when compared to all other museums. It’s a single storied building with a Neo-Georgian style. This building was purposely developed for hosting fine art and historical items. John Williamson is the man who established the museum by providing the initial funds for construction. His son Patrick was also involved in the funding and hence the name Williamson Art Gallery & Museum. Thanks to them, the facility became home for Wirral’s arts collections. The museum was first opened back in 1928 and has been accumulating the best of art items to date. You can guess how rich it must be by now.

Home of collections

When it’s said that Williamson Art Gallery & Museum is home to the best you can expect in the North West England, it’s the fact. The best part is that all these pieces are well proportioned so that there is enough room for all types of monuments. There are paintings of all kinds and collections of decorative arts. Contributions have been submitted to the museum for years. Local artists’ paintings and British water colored paintings are housed here. Among them are the extraordinary works by renowned artists Philip Steer and Albert Moore. Others include Liverpool porcelain, English watercolors, Della Robbia pottery and much more.

Home of ship models

Marine history is something you never get to see in many places. Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Wirral presents an opportunity for you to see the various ship models that have been there now and in the past. Ship models considered the largest in the region are displayed here. The theme is mostly about the Cammell Laird Shipbuilders for their great impact in the history of marine engines. River Mersey after it was made navigable was a channel for a lot of ship action. The ship models at the museum include the Mersey Ferries as well as other vessels that used to operate along the river and its adjoining canals.

Home of repute

For sure, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum has its impact felt in Wirral. Other than its local collection, there are other items sourced from the outside for the museum to be wholesome. In addition, there are also a number of shows and events that are brought to the museum time after time. Temporal exhibition programs are also being entertained these days to keep the fire burning. Quality is the word to use to refer to what you see inside the Williamson.

The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On other days, its open starting from 10 am to 5 pm.

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