SpacePort in Wallasey

It’s among the rare brand of tourist attractions around the world. Wirral is lucky to have SpacePort in the neighborhood. It is a tourist attraction themed with the topic of science of space. Very few people have made it to the space in real sense. SpacePort however makes it possible for you too artificially. Wirral is hence a town of modern technology courtesy of this site. There is a lot to learn about the galaxy when you are an artificial astronaut. But no rocket science though. The facility staff make it easy and fun for visitors. The shows and the experience is simply a party.

Ground floor

It’s a venue with two floors; the ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor, it’s more of exhibitions hosting. Expect plenty of fun here with a lot of learning about what happens in the galaxy and even beyond. Things you have never even thought of which makes it a surprise and more fun. There is a planetarium that is amazing to visit. You should make this one a mandatory exploration. It’s a dome 360 degrees oriented showing astronaut shows for as long as 25 minutes. If you wish, you can take an exploration ride through space offering the best of experience and memories.


Things get better as you go higher inside the SpacePort. First, there is an interactive zone newly established. The zone is an exhibition zone delivering plenty of content on the vital roles of light and gravity components of the galaxy and space. Visual tricks and optical illusions are used to make visitors feel as if they are right there in space. That is boosted by the force bit of it. You become a witness of the vortex power and magnetic fields.

There is a whole lot of other games in the same upstairs. These include play the wall which is a lively game among many other interactive games. Hurricane simulator is the other action game where you experience how it feels being inside a hurricane while at the same time, your safety is guaranteed.

Best for youngsters too

Kids like the sci-fi kind of movies. Well, there is no better way of triggering the fun in your kids buy to take them to Space Port. It’s a port indeed. There is a wide range of interactive video games for the kids to play. It’s a full set of entertainment for your kids. At the same time, the adults are not left out. They have their space ready where they can relax as the young ones do what they do best.

Starting 10:30 am all the way to 6pm, you will find SpacePort open as long as it is between Tuesday and Sunday. Catch the Mersey ferries on your tour here.

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