Lady lever art gallery Wirral

It’s not only considered a valuable place in Wirral or the UK, it is featured among the best art galleries throughout Europe. It’s supported by its location. Wirral is known to be rick of architectural charm. William Hesketh Lever invented this gallery being opened in the year 1922. It was a dedication to the lovely wife Elisabeth hence the title Lady Lever. Hesketh was an artist who developed plenty of fine art works. He intended to store these at a gallery where the public could come and see. For sure, the dream came to life. The collections are mostly personalized. When you tune in to the museum, you can expect to see plenty of Hesketh’s works. However, there are collection from other artists including Rossetti, Millais, Holman Hunt, Burne-Jones.

Fun for kids in Wirral

Museums are meant for all big and small. Seeing the unique pieces of art is lovely for both the kids and the adults. Lady Lever gallery in Wirral does more for the kids who may not appreciate much of the paintings and art items. There is a set aside area for kids play. Activity rooms present opportunities for interactive activities such as crafts, storytelling, dressing up and others.

Event resourceful gallery

It’s the norm these days for special venues to host special events. Lady Lever though it’s a gallery is not left behind. It has enough room to host a number of guests. It is known to host free and popular events as well as exhibitions. To check out which event is being hosted and at what time, the official website will be a good resource. It will be a whole stream of fun if you get lucky to tour the museum when there are events on progress.


Lady Lever is rich in facilities. These are meant to improve the way guests have their experience while on tour. Some of these include free parking for those arriving on their rides, credit card acceptance for convenience, café for meal supply, toilets, school tours accepted, guided tours for those arriving in groups, host for large parties, etc. Opening time is always at 10 am all the way to 5 pm.

Café experience

Visitors of the lady Lever claim that the tour in the museum is never complete without taking the offers at the shop. The shop adopts a Victorian theme and offers a wide range of books, gifts, jewelry and much more. It’s more than a shop also serving as a hotel. If you wish to have main meals,afternoon tea and light refreshments, you can get served at the café. You take your meals in style with free Wi-Fi roaming in the area.

The museum is easily accessible even by train. Make sure you drop by if you are ever in Wirral.

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