Royal Liverpool Golf Club

The Royal Liverpool Golf Club from the previously hunt club racecourse. After its founding in 1869, designation of the title ‘royal’ then followed in 1871. This was as a result of approval by the authority of those times. The golf course had to be designed and laid immediately. George Morris and Robert Chambers were the initial designers for the club. Harry Colt came later to do the redesign work way back to the start of 20th century. Things did not stop there. There were many other improvements made over the years to keep the club up to the modern standards as technology continues to invent new equipment. It is a private club that extends a length of about 6600 meters.

Tournament history

A golf course is created for use just like the football pitches. It hence earns repute according to the kind of events it hosts. Well, there is much for Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Wirral. It was the host club for the first game of the amateur championship dated 1885. In 1902, the club recorded yet another historical event which was the first game between England and Scotland. In 1921, the story continued with more international matches being played here. Other events that have been held here include walker cup 1983, Curtis cup 1992, the women British open 2012among many others. Recently in 2006, the club was also host for the open championship. It is such history that outs the club way apart from the others in the UK.

John Ball and Harold Hilton

In football, there are the icons like Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo’s and others. When the word football is mentioned, these are the guys you see. Well, when Royal Liverpool Golf Club is mentioned, the names that pop up are the two mentioned in the subtitle. They have been the dominant forces participating in the game of golf for years. Between the years 1888 – 1912, Ball walked away with the amateur championship 8 times finishing as runners up only twice. He proceeded on to participate in the game in 1921 when Royal Liverpool Golf Club was the host. Harold was not any different.

Course features

There have been plenty of comments in the past regarding how the club is. Some of them tend to be in line with what is real while others are mistaken. In 2006, the winner then who is someone you probably know Tiger Woods received all the compliments for winning strategically even with the conspicuous winds. The course adopts a level platform with the exception of the holes nearing the coast that have sand hills. There is a lot being done to ensure that the course is up to the modern standards.

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